CSE Seminar Topics with Bluetooth Technology

The research paper CSE Seminar Topics with Bluetooth Technology explains in depth about Bluetooth Technology. The research paper suggests that Bluetooth, the new low-cost radio technology, is designed to unite or connect all different types of devices to effectively work as one. By uniting devices, Bluetooth eliminates the need for cabling in a wide range of products, including cellular phones, PCs, headphones, audio equipment, printers, and many more.

How Bluetooth Works: The paper explains the in depth working aspects of Bluetooth technology. It says that the technology of Bluetooth centers around a 9mm x 9mm microchip, which functions as a low cost and short range radio link. Bluetooth Technology provides a 10 meter personal bubble that supports simultaneous transmission of both voice and data for multiple devices. Up to 8 devices can be connected in a piconet, and up to 10 piconets can exist within the 10 meter bubble. Each piconet supports up to 3 simultaneous full duplex voice devices. The gross data rate is 1 Mb/s, but the actual data rate are 432 kbps for full duplex transmission, 721/56kbps for asymmetric transmission, and 384 kbps for tms2000 transmission.

The paper explains that the Bluetooth network arrangements (topology) can   be either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Any unit in a piconet can establish a connection to another piconet to form a scatternet.

Some techniques establishing the Bluetooth Connections are explained in the research abstract. They are:

1. Stand by

2. Page inquiry

3. Active

4. Hold

5. Sniff

6. Park

Future of Bluetooth: The paper suggests that Bluetooth is a continually expanding technology. There are plans to add many new application profiles. With over 1800 companies working on Bluetooth, the future could not be brighter. With a strong special interest group behind Bluetooth, the standardization of the application profiles is almost assured.


The research article concludes on a note quoting the many advantages offered by Bluetooth technology. It suggests some examples like automatic check-in, the three-in-one phone etc.

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