Seminar Report on Bluetooth A Revolution in Communication Technology

Introduction to Seminar Topi on Bluetooth A Revolution in Communication Technology:

Mobile phones are one of the most important inventions as it completely revolutionized the communication technology as it was devoid of any wired communication. Data transfer is one of the key functions that an electronic device would do and for these there are a lot of technologies available.

The basic mode of transfer between two devices are by connection a cable between each of the device and sending data, but this mode was ineffective mainly due to one reason that we had to carry that data cable wherever we traveled  Another mode was using data storage devices like CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, pen drives or external hard disks and then came the infra-red technology where we could transfer the data by touching a particular part of the device with each other.

Wireless technology was an instant hit among people as it required no contact between devices. Bluetooth technology is such a wireless technology conceived by a special interest group and forms an association with almost all the major communication company giants. The technology behind Bluetooth is named frequency hopping spread spectrum and is primarily based on radio frequencies.

A real time data transfer will take place using a short area radio frequency band using a small microchip fitted inside the device. We can connect one to one system or one and many systems provided the versions of the Bluetooth enabled microchip embedded in it are the same

Two power levels in Bluetooth:

  • Lower power level which is used in most of mobile phones and works in a small area
  • Higher power level works in a larger area and is used mainly in companies

Main application areas of Bluetooth:

  • Mobile phones, smart devices, laptops, tablets
  • Headsets
  • Music systems
  • Computer peripherals like keyboard, scanner, mouse etc.
  • Television and Monitors
  • Navigation devices
  • Health instruments
  • Gaming Consoles

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