Nanotechnology Seminar

This Nanotechnology Seminar focusses on the research, developments, advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is perceived as one of the key technologies of the 21st century with an aim of building the future, atom by atom. In a few decades, this emerging technology will let us inexpensively arrange atoms and molecules in most of the ways permitted. It will let us make supercomputers that fit on the head of a pin and fleets of medical nanorobots smaller than a human cell able to eliminate cancer, infections, clogged arteries, and even old age.

But,though the technology has developed rapidly over the years,there are still some challenges which are to be met and even they are discussed in this project.


A few areas  whre nanotechnology has a promising future are:

Manufacturing,metallurgy sources,medicine,environment,clean water,computing, nano positioning,agriculture,etc


Active researchers in the field of nano technology are enthusiastic about its potential applications in such fields as energy, materials ,electronics ,computing and medicine.Carbon nanotubes,nano computers,sensors and actuators, flat lens and sure to head positively in the  development of Nano tachnology by assuring the quality of life in an increasingly crowded planet with shrinking energy and materials resources and less environmental endurance.


The project discussing on Nanoscience and Nanoscale manufacturing helps us understand how this technology will allow us to reach beyond our natural size limitation, and work directly at the building blocks of matter where properties are defined and can be changed.And, it is definitely going to change the way almost everything – from vaccines to computers to automobiles tyres to objects not yet imagined –is designed and made.

Download Nanotechnology Mechanical Seminar.

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