Zigbee Technology Seminar Presentation is specified for a suite of high level communication protocols with the help of small and low-power digital radios. The Zigbee technology is purposed to be simpler and cheaper than Bluetooth. ZigBee is the most new specifications that have low data rates and consume very low power.

 With the help of ZigBee technology, interoperability will be enabled in multi-purpose self-organizing mesh networks. ZigBee is standard for embedded application software. The bandwidth of Bluetooth is 1 Mbps whereas ZigBee has one-fourth of this value. ZigBee has long battery life and low costs. ZigBee is meant to cater to the sensors and remote controls market and battery operated products.

 It is designed for sensors and remote controls which are numerous. It requires small data packets and extreme low power consumption for long life. It consists of three different types of ZigBee device. They are ZigBee coordinator (ZC), ZigBee Router (ZR), and ZigBee End Device (ZED).

 The ZigBee Standard composed of three sets of solutions called layers. These layers has features such as low cost, easy implementation, reliable data transfer, short-range operations, very low power consumption and adequate security. The three layers of Zigbee are Network and Application Support layer, Physical (PHY) layer, and Media access control (MAC) layer.

The topologies included in Zigbee are star, peer-to-peer, and mesh. There are four frame structures. They are Beacon frame, Data frame, Acknowledgement frame, and MAC command frame. Zigbee has four characters which are Low cost, Range and obstruction issue avoidance, Multisource products, and Low power consumption.

Its application includes Home Entertainment and Control, Home Awareness, Mobile Services, Commercial Building, and Industrial Plant.


ZigBee is a communication protocol formulated by the relevant task force. It has many features like low cost, low power consumption, simply implemented. Zigbee devices will be highly ecological than its predecessors. It has high density of nodes per network.

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