Micro Controller Based Temperature Monitoring and Control Abstract

Micro controller based Temperature Monitoring And Control Projects main idea is to develop a application which can automatically monitor parameters like temperature, water flow …etc.  This type of applications are helpful in industries for maintain security in product development process.

In general chemical industries depend on operators who will look after all this work by supervising temperature control or chemical level management but there are many cases these supervisors make mistakes. So it is better to implement a microcontroller sensor based systems which will look after all this work.

In this application user need to set maximum and minimum temperature limits based on their requirement which are called set points. Whenever temperature crosses this set points micro controller will set cooler to on which will cool the temperature. Similarly if temperature reaches less then set point micro controller will set heater on. 

Applications for this are Industries with heavy parameters to handle, complicated areas where we can’t monitor the conditions manually; these are Now-a-days used in all kind of industrial and commercial complexes.

download  Micro Controller Based Temperature Monitoring and Control Abstract.

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