Micro Controller Based Device Control System

AIM: The main aim of Micro Controller Based Device Control System project is to design equipment which controls various devices such as home appliances and this is done with the help of micro controller. 

DESCRIPTION: In this project the main concept behind the device control is that it is password based device control. The main components of this project are micro controller, keypad, and relay driver.

When a password is entered in the keypad, based up on the key stroke micro controller detects the key and it is displayed on the LCD. The key pad here is connected in 4×3 matrix format.

The micro controller waits until the correct password is entered .The passwords are already stored in the registers of the microcontrollers for different devices respectively.

So when the password is matched the micro controller sends signal to the driver and relay is operated and hence the control of the device is obtained.

download  Micro Controller Based Device Control System embedded system  Project.


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