GSM Based SCADA Implementation Using Micro Controller Abstract


GSM Based SCADA Implementation Using Microcontroller Projects main idea is to develop a application which can handle temperature through GSM Mobile.


                    This project consists of at89s52 micro controller as a controlling device. The communication used in this project is the mobile communication. GSM (GLOBAL SYSTEM FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATION) modem is connected to the micro controller through a max 232 which is a TTL level converter.

            Temperature sensor that gives the voltage in the form of temperature.  The need of lm 35 temperature sensor is that reduces the signal conditioner at its output; because it gives direct mill volts. This voltage is converted to the digital form by using mcp3201 Analog to Digital converter.

            Micro controller continuously reads the data from the temperature sensor and displays whenever the temperature exceeds the set point. And the temperature is send to the mobile through the GSM whenever we send the message to the GSM.


  • AT89S52
  • MCP3201
  • MAX-232

Skill set

  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
  • Keil compiler

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