Temperature Controlled Fan Using Micro Controller

Temperature Controlled Fan projects main idea is to auto adjust fan speed based on the variations on temperature inside room. Here we use LM35 sensors to read temperature and send information to micro controller after converting analog signal to digital signal using Analog to digital converter. Micro controller is connected with control relays for controlling fan speed.

User is provided with a LCD display where information is displayed. Buzzer is used as indications of changes in fan speed. 8051 micro controller is used in this project. Code is written in c language and written in to micro controller.

Hardware requirements.

  1. Temperature senors,
  2. ADC
  3.  Regulated Power Supply
  4.  8051 micro controller
  5.  LCD display
  6.  Relay
  7. FAN.
download  Temperature Controlled Fan Using Micro Controller Project.

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  1. i wanted to try this project..but stack at coding.. can you please send me the coding for this project.. kindly hope you can help me..

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