PC Based SCADA Implementation Using Micro Controller Seminar Topic

The Aim of the project is to implement “PC based SCADA implementation Using Micro controller AT89S52” which controls the operation of the machine through PC by continuously reading the parameters of that respective machines.
 Embedded technology
  • Micro controller
  •   Desktop
  •   ULN driver
  •     ADC
  •     Sensors like temperature, voltage, current etc..
  •     Kiel software for programming micro controller.

Microcontroller block diagram.

  • Micro controller is AT89S52 which is the advanced version of 8051
  • It consists of 4 ports to connect  input & output devices
  • It consists of 3 timers.
  •   Timer 0,Timer 1,Timer 2
  • To control timers it has 2 registers TMOD,TCON
  • To control serial communication it has 2 registers SCON,SBUF

download PC based SCADA implementation Using Micro controller Seminar Topic paper presentation.

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