Security System Using RFID ECE Project Report

Introduction to Security System Using RFID ECE Project:

The main objective of the project is to design a system that have a small coverage area which can be used for authentication or identification purposes. By using this security system we can provide entry by a access authorization process. This system is being developed by using RFID technology.

This system consists of finger print impression, camera and for looking after the authentication process. The RFID consists of RFID reader which comprises of the components working and RFID tag which maintains the transmission and reception process. In this paper we will look into the working of multi level security system. 

Brief into design and working :

This system mainly uses RFID technology. RFID is a wireless identification method. This RFID consists of RFID Tags for receiving and responding to radiofrequency queries from an RFID transceiver and an RFID reader for decoding the data sent from RFID tags.PIC micro controller which is used controls all the devices and makes them to function in time.

A finger print scanner IC is used for checking the authorization process through finger prints. ZigBee is a wireless mesh network standard.GSM technology for sending and receiving a message. When the user places the thumb impression on the scanner then the camera automatically takes the picture of the user for future verification.

This information is stored in the database along with time and date when the system was accessed and by GSM technology it makes sure that concerned authority is notified about the access.

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