Intelligent Security System Project Report for ECE Final year Students

Introduction to Intelligent Security System Project:

In our daily life we can find many people suffering lack of security around everywhere and for everything. If we see the daily news paper we may find at-least 2-3 news about robbery in jewelry shops, in homes, in temples. For robber simple man to a rich man all are common people to rob. So, there is a need and urge for secure life and security giving devices.

In our project intelligent security system we are going to design a programmable locking system by using a microcontroller with the help of embedded c. In this project microcontroller forms the heart of the project as it forms controlling unit and controls the whole device of the system.

By using three units like keyboard unit, control unit and display unit we are going to design this intelligent security system project. The use of Keyboard unit is to lock/unlock the particular device with the help of number keys containing in it. Display system indicates weather the device is already locked, unlocked or permanently remain locked as the user entered wrong password.

Finally control system controls the whole system, which is the main device and this is coordinated with both the units so that if one entered wrong password with the use of keyboard unit and display unit will indicate some gestures built in it for specific functions with the help of these two units output the control unit gives an alarm if the entered password is wrong.

With the help of this project intelligent security system we can protect many things happening in day today life. We can use this application in many major projects like in Telecom applications, automotive applications, domestic applications, aerospace applications, defense systems and in many more applications.

Download  Intelligent Security System Project Report for ECE Final year Students.

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