Project Report On Intelligent Energy Saving System

This Project Report On Intelligent Energy Saving System studied and implemented a complete working model using a PIC microcontroller. The programming and interfering of PIC microcontroller has been mastered during the implementation. This work includes the study of energy saving system in many applications. The aim of the project is to save the energy or power, used in places like libraries where lighting is very important for the people who come to read books. So, the libraries will be well illuminated with many lamps.  But to work in this project is the basic signal processing of various parameters, the temperature, LDR, Smoke sensor. For the measurement of different parameters values, a variety of sensors and the output of these sensors are to be implemented to control parameters. The control loop is to use micro-controllers. The outputs of all three parameters are used in micro-controller. The output of the micro-controller is used to drive the LCD display, so that the value of each parameter can be displayed. In addition to the LCD display micro-controller outputs are also used independently, a relay driver. The relay is energized and automatically falls depending on the status of the parameter.

Project Report On Intelligent Energy Saving System Conclusion:

Intelligent Energy Saving System is not limited for any particular application, it can be used anywhere in a process industries with little modifications in software coding according to the requirements. This concept not only ensures that our work will be usable in the future but also provides the flexibility to adapt and extend, as needs change. This project report connected all the sensors to micro controller with the wires. This can be developed with wireless such that we can place different sensors in different places. This sensor will activate the micro controller with the signals instead   of using wires. This system can also be applicable to various loads like pressure, force and etc. by increasing the number of ports of the micro controller.

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  1. hi ,, how can i upload the source code on pic ?!! ,, i need a “.HEX” file but i can’t make it
    i have a”16F77″ pic

  2. Hi ,pls can I have literature review of intelligent energy saving system involves PIR, LDR, Zero crossing detector and LCD.

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