Project Report On Intelligent Robot

This Project Report On Intelligent Robot is to give the way for providing bigger effective robot for Industrial applications. Robotics is a prominent component of manufacturing automation which affects human labour at all levels, from unskilled workers to professional engineers and manager of production. Robot can be defined as programmable multi-functional manipulator. It is used to move or hold work pieces or specialized devices and it can able to perform verity of tasks. The use of robots is necessary to meet production demands. There are many advantages to incorporating robots such as, decreasing cost and waste material while speeding production. Robots are also removing the risks to employees by performing dangerous tasks.

The first industrial robots were Unimates developed by George Devol and Joe Engelberger in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The first patents by Devol but Engelberger formed Unimation which was the first market robots. So Engelberger has been called the “father of robotics”.  For a while the economic viability of these robots proved disastrous and thing slowed down for robotics. But the industry recovered and by the mid-80’s robotics was back on track.

Intelligent Robot’s are advanced robots and people have had enough and artificial intelligence. Something analogous to the sensory perception of the neuromuscular coordination that humans perform intelligent robots can not only explore the environment in their own perceptions and test in real time. But also run the motor functions necessary part of the activity of the sensor inputs. Robots are built to maximize the mobility, not only flour, but also to climb ahead.

 Project Report On Intelligent RobotConclusion:

Some industries are harmful to the people of this robot is mainly for the risk process and consumes time and avoid labor used. Human for hard work on the assembly line is tired, material handling, etc. this robot does all those things it mainly reduces the manual work our robot is designed.

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