Project Report On Intelligent Power Meter

The Project Report On Intelligent Power Meter entitled ‘Intelligent Power Meter’ refers to as it is a system that it helps to make a proper communication between the electricity board and customers. This system works on the principle of Embedded System.

‘Intelligent Powered Meter’ is a micro controller based project designed for wireless communication purpose between client and server. This system is used for duplex transmission of data .The data (units used) is accepted as a count by the PIC. The input to the PIC is the pulse received from the Electronic meter. This count and unit is transmitted to a server as when a requested by the server. The server processes this information and sends it back to the consumer. Thus the consumer is updated on his energy usages instantly. The project uses GSM transmission protocol to establish the connection between client and server.

The main advantage of the system is to help the customers by an online contact with the electricity board by getting the correct bill for the corresponding readings from the meter.

 Project Report On Intelligent Power Meter Conclusion:

From this Project report conclude that by implementing the Intelligent Power Meter system we get bill from the electricity board through the display device attached with the system. By this the meter can communicate with the electricity board through a wireless module (GSM). An additional function  attached to this system are when there is a power failure, meter complaint or any other faults with the system, it report to the electricity board through the wireless module.  In the same way a server system is working in the electricity board. It includes a receiver and transmitter. It always communicates with the power meters attached to all customers. The aim of project is to develop a wireless duplex communication system between the consumer & the Electricity Board at minimum expenditure and maximum efficiency.

Download Project Report On Intelligent Power Meter.

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