Innovative Application Development Using J2EE

Description: The research paper Innovative Application Development Using J2EE talks about Innovative Application Development using J2EE. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java EE is a widely used platform for server programming in the Java programming language. Technically J2EE is not a language; it is a group of specifications, frameworks, technologies, etc. for building distributed enterprise systems. J2EE is comprised of a number of programming and scripting languages including Java, XML, JSP, HTML, SQL, and others.

It is suggested in the research paper that a J2EE application client container provides access to the J2EE service (JNDI naming services, deployment services, transaction services, and security services) and communications APIs (internet protocols, Remote Method Invocation protocols, Object Management Group protocols, Messaging protocols, and data formats). Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition is java based runtime platform for developing distributed multi-tier architecture applications, using modular components. J2EE is typically deployed on critical, large-scale networked developments, such as electronic ticketing and banking. The economy and technology of today have intensified the need for faster, more efficient, and larger-scale information management solutions.

The J2EE specification satisfies these challenges by providing a programming model that improves development productivity, standardizes the platform for hosting enterprise applications, and ensures portability of developed applications with an extensive test suite. J2EE architecture supports component-based development of multi-tier enterprise applications. J2EE applications are comprised of components, containers, and services. Components are application-level components. Web components, such as Servlets and JSPs, provide dynamic responses to requests from a Web page.

Conclusion: The research paper ends on a note that J2EE enhances the speed of operations. It is suggested that for standard operations J2EE platform is the best solution. The research paper also suggests that if a user wants to adhere to Microsoft windows then .net is a better alternative.

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