Application Configuration Settings

In order to set the desired levels for the purpose of obtaining the traffic upon the networks the applications are needed. Depending on the type of application selected and used the traffic sending process as well as traffic receiving process are performed. Within the OPNT modeler process different types of applications are been used and then the voice application is been designed and the below steps are required to perform this action.

  • The user should give a right click on the application definitions towards the object in order to edit the different attributes that are required
  • There is a separate tab called application definition within this section and then the user can add the number of rows required in which each and every node will represent a single application
  • But within this simulation only single and unique application is utilize and for this reason only single row is created within this process
  • The application voice is created in which each and every voice based application is selected
  • The IP telephony is been selected for the purpose of application and then the next screenshot obtained is given below

application configuration settings

The IP telephony application is been used within this particular scenario in which the voice traffic is been produced upon the networks and then once if the application is selected then click on the OK button in order to apply these settings. The application definitions which are needed are been produced in this step and then in order to create the profile definition the further process is explained below.

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