Oracle application Development for Mall managament

The following details regarding property management database requirements:

There are two types of property:
1) Weekend Outlets
2) Permanent Shops

1) Weekend Outlets: (Friday & Saturday)

  • These outlets are booked in a week(Monday to Thursday) before every weekend.(Friday & Saturday)
  • All outlets are registered to particular tenants. Tenant details will be entered in the system.
  • Receipts are issued on weekly basis or monthly basis.
  • For Monthly Basis, normally there are 4 weekends or sometimes 5 weekends. Based on that, the receipt will be issued accordingly.
  • 5 weekends for example in September( 2,3 Sep, 9,10 Sep, 16,17 Sep, 23,24 Sep & 30 Sep Oct 1.)
  • Monthly booking depends on 1st Friday of the month. for example, in September month booking would be from Sep 2 to oct1 (bcoz 30 sep is Friday, so it would be under September month)
  • Payment would be paid on weekend basis (Friday & Saturday combined), not on a daily basis.
  • Outlets can be booked for one week or one month only. booking cannot be done for 2 weeks or 3 weeks.
There would be 3 reports for weekend sheds:
1) Weekly Collection report( format is attached for your reference weekend sheds report data-6)
2) Outlet report for particular outlet(Tenant registration details, booking details, Violation details, etc)
3) New Application for Outlet.

2) Permanent Shops

Shops have a contract period of 2 years with one month grace period and balance 23 month PDC will be provided.
Procedures of contract:
  • New Shop request application would be prepared initially. It will be printed and signed by the tenant. The application will be uploaded along with other necessary documents of the customer to the system.
  • When the application is approved, the contract would be prepared and customer details will be forwarded from application to Particular shop details.
  • PDC will be entered into the system.
Current situation: There are existing contracts & few empty shops. Details should be entered manually for existing contracts and above procedures should be followed for new contracts.
There is an attachment with name Shop details-data 3. it contains all the headings required for each and every shop data. along with that, we need to have a link for image files for the data such as contract copy, identity copy, etc.
We should be able to add headings for shop details if there is any need in future.
Based on the shop details, we should be able to prepare the following reports.
  • Shop report for a particular shop
  • Shop active status report for combined shops together.( shop status will be updated by authorized user at the end of every month)
  • PDC Conversion report at the end of every month.
  • Return Cheque Details at the end of every month
  • Violation report for a particular shop
  • violation details issued in a particular month
Graphical data would be preferred for the monthly reports.
We should be able to generate all monthly reports with monthly data along with accumulated data over a period of time.
During a contract period, there could be various request application from tenants such as Change of Activity, Change of Contract Name, contract cancellation, etc.
These application additional data should be entered manually by the authorized user and printed. All the related documents will be saved along with the application.
All the above requests including new shop application & Outlet Application should be combined together to get the request details for that particular month.
Above details are Basic requirements. If you need more data or explanation about the above requirements, we are ready to provide.
Request if possible: If we could send the application number to tenant or customer contact no. through SMS on submitting the application would be more useful to us.

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  1. Hey, please send me the source code of this Oracle application for mall management, thank you so much ………..

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