What are Mobile Ad-hoc Networks MAN Seminar

Description: The research paper What are Mobile Ad-hoc Networks MAN Seminar speaks about Mobile Ad-hoc networks. It is suggested in the research paper that a mobile ad-hoc network as the name itself suggests is mobile connectivity having a receiver and transmitter and all these in the absence of infrastructure.

This  paper  briefly  explores  some  of  the  issues  that  we  believe  will  be  raised  by  the  development  and  future  common  place  adoption  of  mobile,  wearable,  augmented  reality  systems. 

These  include:  social  influences  on  tracking  accuracy,  the  importance  of  appearance  and  comfort,  an  increase  in  collaborative  applications,  integration  with  other  devices,  and  implications  for  personal  privacy.

Minimal configuration and quick deployment are suggested in the research paper as suitable for emergency situations like natural disasters or military conflicts. The earlier ad-hoc networks were called packet radio networks and were sponsored by DARPA.

What is Delay-Tolerant Networking:

The research paper explains what delay tolerant networking is. Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) is an approach to CN architecture that seeks to address the technical issues in mobile or extreme environments that lack continuous network connectivity.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes over a note that mobile ad-hoc networking facilitates communication beyond a traditional infrastructure. Ad-hoc networking is going to play an important role in the arena of wireless communications.

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