CSE seminar topics with abstract Bayou System

The research abstract CSE seminar topics with abstract Bayou System elucidates the various functionalities of BAYOU a replicating system. The research paper explains that Bayou is a replicated, weakly consistent storage system designed to support collaborative application in distributed computing environment with varying network connectivity. A typical example of such an environment is a system with mobile hosts that may disconnect over period of time, connect only through low bandwidth, radio networks or connect occasionally with expensive cellular modems.

BAYOU System Model

In Bayou replication management is undertaken by Bayou servers. Each server holds a complete replica of the data. The data model provided by current implementation of Bayou is a ‘relational database’, although other data models could be used as well. Bayou is chosen as a relational model because of its power and flexibility. In particular it naturally supports fine-grained, structured access to the data, which is useful for application specific conflict detection and resolution mechanism, which is desired.

Bayou applications are free to run and update replicas without locking. Bayou guarantees that the distributed strong system will move towards eventually consistency by imposing a global order on write application and by providing propagation guarantees.

What BAYOU does

One feature of Bayou that application can impose its own semantics on the operation executed at a replica. To this end, Bayou reads and writes are not the simple operations supported by most databases.  Instead they include additional application supplied information, which ensures that application will receive the required level of services from the system.


The research paper suggests that Bayou model supports client-supplied anti-entropy policies. Thus clients can influence when to propagate their changes to other servers. The ability to regulate when updates are propagated is important for applications like collaborative software development where users must ensure that a coherent picture of the code base is available at specific times.

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