Wireless Application Protocol Seminar Topic

Wireless-Application-Protocol-SeminarWireless Application protocol seminar topic explains about Introduction to WAP technology, WAP Architecture, WAP Programming model, WAP advantages. As the cellular usage in developing all over the world there are many applications developed for mobile devices but most of them are related to voice and text message. There is scope for developing applications for providing internet access for mobile devices using cellular technology. This paper explains about usage of wireless application protocol (WAP) through which mobile users can access web services on their devices.

Wireless application protocol is designed with a set of communication protocols which can be used by mobile manufacturers, vendor to integrate it in to mobile devices which can provide useful web services for mobile users away from just voice and messaging.

Wireless application protocol was developed by WAP forum by considering mobile environment issues like less memory, processor standards, screen display, low bandwidth. Main concerns with mobile devices are its screen size; WAP will provide solution for solving this problem. Using these protocol web pages can easily fit to mobile screen size. WAP is open wireless protocol that can bring web services and telephone services on single platform.

download Wireless Application Protocol Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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