Agile Software Development Seminar Topic

Agile-Software-Development-SeminarAgile software development seminar topic explains about importance of project management in different stages of implementation. This software can be used in development stage, open collaboration and process adaptability in the process of project development. With a minimal work in different stages can improve planning of the project.

  • Importance of this software is to develop quickly and deliver fastly.
    Agile software can be used in different methods based on the use of the project.
  •  Software can be used in many repetitions (or ‘iterations’) with small time frames (known as ‘timeboxes’).

        Iteration is defined as software implemented in a one unit of time, For performing one iteration it takes two to four weeks. In order to complete one iteration it should pass entire software development cycle.

  • Compare to written documents agile methods will follow point to point communication.
  • Agile team work from single open office to  provide face to face communication.
  •  5 to 10 member team is required for managing agile software.

For large projects teams are divided in two different groups where each group contains 5 to 10 members and these small teams are interlinked with each other for further communication.

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