School Management Software PHP Project

Every city has hundreds of schools .Schools are character building block for everyone’s life. Schools play very important role in people’s life. Without schools no one can get knowledge.

To get knowledge we have to go to the schools .Schools teaches not only knowledge but also it teaches about the discipline.

The School Management System is the project For Controlling all the Function that happen in school manually up to now but our project is going to all this function by one click only.

Existing System:

1. Things are going manually
2. More Paper Work
3. Need Man Power
4. No Data Base for saving data

Proposed System:

This project enables you to make survey of schools .You can keep track on each activity of schools. If you want to make a school project then this project will surely help you to make it. This is very wonderful project; it consists of all the code and subject which will be need to make it.

Sometime user wants to make project using RDBMS, this is very interesting project. First you download the project and then you have to edit it according to your requirement .This is browser compatible project.


1. Things are going automated
2. No Paper Work
3. Need less Man Power
4. Using Data Base for saving data
5. Data is provide Security


Registration: – By using this Module the Students and give their information and make account in to our application
Login:-This module is for security it will check the user name and password and allow the students to login in to the application
Admin: – He can add all the information about the Schools, Students, and Faculty.
Student: – The school students can view the information that all give uploaded by the admin
Reports: – This will give all the reports about students, Schools and Faculty.

Main Screens:

  1. Main
  2. Student Login
  3. Faculty Login
  4. Admin Login
  5. Add Student Info
  6. Add Faculty Info

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  1. Hello Dear,
    I want to interested to work this project.
    Tell me what is the process to join us ??

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