Gym Management System Project Using PHP & MySQL

About the project:

The gym management system developed by PHP is an excellent solution for gyms that are increasing the number of members or serving elite customers. This solution helps to identify users and manage their membership in a timely manner.
In its operation, each member is issued a membership card valid for a certain number of gym sessions or for a certain period of time or a combination of both, depending on the payment policy. Upon expiration of the period or number of sessions, the machine will notify the member of the renewal fee.
Thus, the system reduces inconvenience and disputes between members and the management of the gym. You can also create multiple monthly, weekly, daily, and session reports.

The main characteristics are:

1. Gym management
2. Gym membership management
3. Payment management
4. Coach management


1. Add different gyms.
2. Add payment areas.
3. Add members to the gym.
4. Add different gyms.
5. Look at different gyms.
6. See payment areas.
7. Look at the members in the gym.
8. Look at different gyms.
9. Update and delete any gym valuables, fees paid, gym details, and coach information.

ER Diagram:

Output Screens:


  • install xampp
  • clone this repository into xampp/htdocs
  • read gym.sql file to setup the database

Download the Complete Gym Management System Project Using PHP & MySQL Source Code, Project Report.

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