Pest Management System PHP Project

This is our Pest Management System idea which we are working out. We feel this fits in for the student. It is a small PHP Application as of now and it will be a live project as we will market it in Vijag.

Pest Management System PMS for a Business and specifically working it out for our pest control business.

He needs an app which will have below info.

Let us have employee and admin login.

Admin will create employees and can edit details. Can deactivate employees also. One main employee login with admin rights will be for Raj as he is the head. He can also have same rights as admin login.

Admin can add customer details, edit details and remove details. He will also add contract details and will check reports which will be related amount recovered, amount pending, monthly income for company, expenses for company, contract renewal report so that he can follow up with the client to renew the same.

The Pest Management System application should also have a view to adding all pest services that company provides. Can we also provide an option to show completion status of a project, no of employees working on a project, no of days estimated for completion? It will be related to a dashboard to see projects ongoing, completed and pending.

Try to provide a notification system to show messages related to pending projects, pending recovery. Another option which he was looking for was like an email notification to be sent to customers in regard to renewal or SMS notification for renewal.

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