Shop Management Software PHP Project

The Shop Management Software Project is very useful. In the beginning all shop’s activities were performed manually .so lot of time had been spent in these activities. Shop Management Software project is developed according to user requirement. This project is use to manage all activities.

Existing System

In The Existing System Shop Related Things Going Manually only like Things Buying for shop are selling in the shop each and every thing going by writing in some books like that only

• No Security to the information of the shop.
• Chance of changing the data of the shop
• Find the past data will take more time

Proposed System

This project is focus at providing an economically feasible security and communication system that will provide very nice features that can fulfill the security needs of a all types of organization. This project will also be able to provide reports of products sold to the customer and brought to the store.


Shop Management Software projects can be make very effective if we edit it and try to make it more effective. By adding more features in it we can make it more effective. The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.


Shop Owner: – Shop owner is having the premising to add all the things that are there in the shop with cost name all the info of any product

Shop keeper:-The shop keeper will check all the info odd by the shop keeper and can sell the product to the customers.

Registration: – This for all the new shop keeper who come for working in the shop they have to fill all the required information like name phone no.

Login: – this is for security we are using this module



• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

Screens Details:

  • Admin Login
  • Add Items
  • Administrator Detail
  • Sales Detail

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