Electronic Voting Machine CSE Full Project Report

Introduction to Electronic Voting Machine Project Report:

Through ballet voting the people elect their representatives in the past days but it was a time consuming process for the counting the votes. Due to the development of electronic technology there is a need of an electronic voting to meet the growing requirements. In this paper we will see about the working of the electronic voting machine and the software modules present in it.

Brief on the working of electronic voting:

The main menu screen of the system consists of four details regarding the voters list and the information regarding the candidates and option for starting the voting process and ending the voting process. The software program for the electronic voting machine is made using c language. The device is loaded with windows operating system and it has 20gb of hard disk and 128mb of ram. Depending upon the requirement we can use a processor with a minimum processing speed of 166 Hz to 2.5 GHz.

The input will be given through keys present on the device. The option will be provide in the software so that we can add or delete the data of the voters and by giving the users name we can check his details. When we use the voting option it stores the count of the votes and at the end of the day we can check total votes polled for each candidate.

Advantages of using an electronic voting machine:

It is very difficult to announce the details when there are more number of voters, but by using a electronic voting machine we can announce the results within a few minutes. In ballet voting we find many cast votes gets rejected as the voter may not stamp the mark properly on his desired party, but by using electronic voting there will not be any wastage of votes. In ballet voting there a chance of casting more number of votes on the name of a single person but in electronic voting it is not possible. 

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