Electronics In Biomedical and Instrumentation Project Abstract for ECE Final Year Students

Introduction to Electronics In Biomedical and Instrumentation Project:

The development in medical field led to the use of electronic devices for making a better and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Electronics and instrumentation engineers design the required equipment for biomedical field. Biomedical medical engineering is application which consists of engineering principles which are used for analyzing the problems in medical and biological sciences so as to provide a better diagnosis. In this paper we will look into the equipment which are being used for performing tests and about the devices which are used in treatment.

Brief on usage of electronics in biomedical fields:

Depending upon the usage of the electronic equipment in the biomedical we classify them. We use ECG, MRI and CTSCAN for making a diagnosis of the tissues present in the body and based on these reports the doctors analyze the damage. These devices consist of electrodes which transmit signals on the body of the human being, based on the interface and impedance of the signal on the human body the diagnosis is made.

Now days the doctors are performing the operations by a process called as laparoscopic where the electronic device is injected into the body through a nerve and it treats the affected area. Research is going on in the fields of tissue engineering where a artificial tissue can be created by using electronic equipment. Genetic engineering is the study of DNA structure and we can manipulate the genetic material of DNA and inject required material.


By using the electronic equipment we can make a better diagnosis for give a proper treatment. By using laparoscopic methods we can perform the operations exactly on the affected areas with a little loss of blood. By making a research in genetic fields we can develop hybrid crops which yield more and have high resistance towards pests.

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