Electronics Voting Machine ECE Project Report

This Electronics Voting Machine ECE Project Report is modeled for the users to create a conception for the electronic utilized presently for the voting machine method and it is utilized in the globe. These voting devices are appointed including CPU that manages the voting machine. The voting machine is executed for the particular function. Each function over the voting machine is described and it is shown over the PC Monitor.

 Under this Electronics Voting Machine ECE Project Report, the concept described here is of prototype voting devices. The microcontroller AT89C51 is used to manage the voting tasks. The voting device is modeled for three Political sections. There is a display of the Monitor to display the level of voting through interfacing of the voting device including computer. To communicate the voting machine including computer, we can utilize the Hyper Terminal communication method that is evident with the Window2000\XP functional method.

 The microcontroller is one chip which includes the non-volatile memory for the events (ROM or flash), the clock, processor (the CPU), and volatile memory for input and output (RAM), and an I/O control unit. This is also known as “computer on a chip” and numerous microcontroller units (MCUs) are implanted yearly under innumerable items from toys to automobiles.

The hardware is processed through the combination of software or program instructions. It is known that software and hardware, the costumer is able to use the microcontroller to solve the issues easily. The AT89S52 is a less-power, great-accomplishment CMOS 8-bit microcontroller including 8K bytes of programmable Flash memory.


Electronics Voting Machine ECE Project Report is concluded that the device is constructed with the help of great-density of Atmel of nonvolatile memory. A few of the abilities of 8051 microcontroller are Internal ROM and RAM, I/O ports with programmable pins, Timers and counters, and Serial data communication.

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