Technical Seminar Topic on Data Everywhere Dealing Data from Sensors Network with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Data Everywhere Dealing Data from Sensors Network:

The paper is about dealing with the data and also in detail about sensor network. This includes the introduction, background, network aggregation, network storage the architecture of the sensor networks and much more.

We can define the sensor network as, continuous collection and also communication of the data string to the database. In real life the applications can be seen in tracking the phenomenon such as climate, which also includes finding the concentration of the contaminants, also the building structure including the response to the earthquakes.

The sensor network will operate as the black-boxes which are capable of recording the diagnostic data, also capable of the performing data, includes history of object which can be used in different vehicles, mobile phones and also computers.

The work done by the sensor network includes the gathering techniques of the data with the use of the various network primitives, also involves the data cleaning techniques and the methods followed are cleaning, also the querying of the noisy data, handles the incomplete data and also the sensors with errors.

The limitations include the usage of the battery with the limited life, also can create problem in case of the wide storage and when using the data handling algorithms with the high processing capacities. The limitations can also depend on the availability of the resources and packet loss in case of the data transmission.

The two phases involved in the data aggregation includes the distribution and collection phase. In the distribution phase, the query is distributed at each and every node in the network. In the collection phase, the parent is capable of collecting data at each and every child in specific intervals of time.

In this paper we have made a survey on the storage and also in gathering of the sensor data, various techniques in cleaning of the data, also the architecture of the sensor streams.

Download  Technical Seminar Topic on Data Everywhere Dealing Data from Sensors Network with PPT.

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