SQL Editor CSE Minor Project Report

Introduction to SQL Editor CSE Minor Project:

The Project is for the maintaining and the managing of the database records by the SQL Editor. The Editor requires the queries to generate the record tables, and the tables filled with the values, can search for the specific record or the editing of records. The Project considers the MS Access for managing of the databases. The Project develops the SQL Editor that run the SQL and the MS Access simultaneously.

The two programs SQL & MS Access are assembled in on program. The Project is dependent on the user and program interaction. The application is user friendly.  The Project is easily understandable with some knowledge of the SQL.

To maintain the big records of the organization is difficult and the complicated. The database management system is to handle the record keeping. The SQL Editor is combination of the SQL and the MS ACCESS is single Database management System is used for the record maintenance easily and queries are developed to search record. The program is connected to the VB 6.0.

The Project is developed by evaluating and schematic designing. The System focuses on the requirements of the users and the system interactive.

The Software used are the SQL Server, MS Access, Visual Basics 6.0, Windows XP/98 operating system.

The hardware used are the 256 RAM, 40 GB hard disk.

The Project have some limitations which has to be developed.  The databases are used SQL and MS Access make the program more difficult. To access the record queries has to be entered which is tough for the person with no knowledge of the Structured Query Language. The software design is difficult to understand. The objects are numerous which makes the program complicated. 

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