Online Voting Project Documentation

Introduction to Online Voting Project:

The Online Voting is developed for the Cooperative Societies to carry out the voting procedures of election. The current system posses the manual voting called ballot system and the voting calculation done on manual basis which has more wastage of the time. The demerit of the system is basically the invalid votes given by the voters which can not easily identify.

The Proposed System has the voting system and the counting procedure computerized. The system has ability to perform the voting procedure in less time, reduces the error possibility and the will not accept the invalid votes. 

The Features of the Online Voting 

  1. The votes can be easily and early counted.
  2. The over all percentage of the voting done can be done with out any error and soon.
  3. The participating candidate’s performance can be calculated on the basis of the total votes.
  4. The candidature total percentage of votes can be calculated.
  5. The duplication process can be done easily.
  6. The winner Candidates percentage of leading votes can be calculated for each area.
  7. The voting process and the counting can be done very soon. 

The Modules of Online Voting 

The modules of the Online Voting are prepared as per the organizations system. Typically it consists of two modules

  1. The Administrator Module
  2. The User Module 

The Administration module is made for the authorized person of the organization. The authorized person has ability to handle the every function of the voter and the Candidate.

The Administrator can perform the functions such as Insertion of the name, Deletion of the name, updating the name and the authority to carry out the voting procedure. The User module provides the user to see the names of all electing Candidates and vote the candidate. 

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