Electronic Voting Machine Project

Electronic Voting Machine Project is a alternative method for ballet voting system which works on micro controller. In regular voting procedure there are chances of rigging but by using this method we can reduce rigging problems. One of the other features of electronic voting machine includes punch cards, voting system works on optical scanning and kiosks.

Using this system voting time can be reduced and speed up counting procedure. When punch cards was first introduced. In this procedure optical scanners are used to count a voters mark on ballot. DRE voting machine will collect voter’s information in a single machine.

Projects which work on same principle are electronic voting system. Students for refer for project report.

Hardware used in this project.

  1. KeyPad
  2. Regulated Power Supply
  3. P89C51 Micro Controller
  4. Buzzer
  5. LCD Display.

Electronics projects which work on same hardware and software technology

  • Electronic Ticket machine
download  Electronic Voting Machine Project.

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