ECE Minor Project Report on Modern Security System With Message Transmitter

Introduction to Modern Security System With Message Transmitter Project:

“Prevention is better than cure” this notation not only applicable for medical sciences, but also in security aspects. We need to protect our valuables every man had right to ownership for his belongings, keeping this in mind we implemented a new modern security system with message transmitter, this paper discuss detail phenomenon of this security device.

The main objective of this paper is to provide reliable security in major theft prone areas like banks, business complexes, houses, national treasures and museums,  this system uses the infra red sensors also called as optical sensors which had an infra red LED,  emits continuous beam of rays under normal conditions the receiver receives these IR rays from the infra red LED but whenever any obstruction taken place in the path of IR rays, the sensor gets activated and transmits an alarm signal to the authorities including the recorded information revealing the theft location.

 This entire mechanism is controlled by the micro processor, and the transmissions of the IR rays are done by frequency modulation techniques.  

The sensing circuit consists of a condenser MIC, a high sensitive device which can sense even minute sounds and amplifies it to audible sound, the receiver module is kept near the police stations or the concern authorities, it not only prohibits the un authorized entries into important places but it gives the detail list of total entries during the whole day with number of individual entries, the micro controller used in this project is ATMEL 89C51 a high performance, low power device with high sensitivity.

 This kit is operated at rectified 5v dc, so we have to step down the 230v- 50 Hz supply from mains into 12v and then converted into 5v dc using a full wave bridge rectifier, and a voltage regulator to attain proper voltage regulation.  The design and the performance results are listed in the following sections. 

Download  ECE Minor Project Report on Modern Security System With Message Transmitter.

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