Microelectro mechanical Systems (Mems) Mechanical Seminar Report

We are in the modern technical world which is composed with the involvement micro electronics in every aspect of our daily life, this leads to the development of an revolutionary concept micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) this multi- disciplinary concept creating new dimensions in science and technology, combining silicon based microelectronics with micro machining technology had drastically reduced the cost and increased the reliability of electronics, these mechanical elements are minimized into minute electro-mechanical elements using of micro fabrication  techniques i.e. crystal growing, wafer making, deposition of film, oxidation principle, lithography, etching, MEMS are fabricated using either modified silicon and non-silicon fabrication technology, and these elements fabricated on an single chip, these extremely complex electromechanical systems are controlled by integrated microelectronics,  and these MEMS are categorized in the form of sensors, actuators, micro sensors and micro actuators.

This can convert energy of one form to another form,

MEMS had enormous impact in the fields of bio technology, defense, Wireless optical communication systems and medical sciences. They plays major role virtual reality systems,  MEMS had intensive applications like accelero meters, smart roads, Micro robots, micro pumps, surgical instruments, pressure monitoring systems, Inertial navigation , surface monitoring systems, these MEMS are relatively low cost , high accuracy and with high degree of sensitivity, low noise performance, high speed in operation, safe and comfortable having long life period. Utilizing these systems will increase the system performance in to greater extent.

Are Recently these MEMS are intensively used in automobile industry, automatic air bag security, Rollover detection, Active suspension, mass flow sensor, Silicon nozzle for fuel injection.

 This paper addresses the fabrication of MEMS, applications, challenges facing in recent times, limitations; every industry cannot make use of this MEMS technology because it is highly commercial apart from this aspect MEMS technology is boon for the mankind.

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