Download ECE Project on Advanced Wireless Security System

This project “Download ECE Project on Advanced Wireless Security System” helps in detection of accidents and passing on the information to a monitoring station where appropriate control can be initiated. Road accidents, presence of explosives, etc can be detected and immediate assistance could be arranged.Problems are abounding in today’s world and we are surrounded by natural calamities as well as man-made problems. Some incidents cannot be controlled by us whereas some cannot.

The project has several types of in-built sensors in it. These sensors transmit the signals. The receiver at the controller’s end receives these signals on the basis of which the controlling unit initiates action. There is an ADC which converts the analog signals into digital form for the microcontroller.

download-ece-project-on-advanced-wireless-security-systemThe project Advanced wireless security system provides provision of centralized security for different areas via a wireless network. Different sensors are attached to the microcontroller. The monitoring station collects the data from sensors placed at different locations. The monitoring system decodes the analog signals that are transmitted and the n received. The LCD displays this information and helps in location.

This project focuses on displaying the area and address where the mishap occurs. Radio frequencies are employed to collect data from the transmitter and receiver. LPG and fire sensors are supplied and when any of these are activated, a code is transmitted and received by the receiver for which it allocates a specific address. Once the address is obtained, the LCD flashes it on the map.


This project can be implemented to check and avert a lot of accidents and mishaps. Thus it can be used in homes and industries. To get information about floods, this system could be used to detect the water levels. Hence applications like earthquake detection, accident detection can be obtained successfully by this project.

Download ECE Student Summer Project on Advanced Wireless Security System.

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  1. i was searchin for a final yr project this seems to be a good 1 … if i have all the resources available than i wud love to do this project ..
    good job !

  2. i am a final year electronics student ,my bias is in instrumentation please help me on project ideas anything is welcome

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