Modern Security Systems with Message Transmitter Project Report

In this modern electronic era there is a rapid advancement in Modern Security Systems. In this project we presented a new concept “A security systems with message transmitter”. This is an ideal modern day security system with intent to provide security for theft prone areas like banks, museums, commercial complexes etc; we meet the basic security requirements by using this system and mainly this system works based on the signal interference phenomenon i.e.

when the continuous beam is interrupted it generate the error signal for the user. Here in this project we use infrared rays to detect the interruptions, the infrared sensors senses the presence of the humans and activates the security system and sends information to the security authorities. We use two infrared sensors one for signal generating and the other for signal transmitting and receiving. And the distance between the two sensors can be varied to required length.

Modern Security Systems Operation Explanation:

Here the device operation is controlled and coordinated by a micro controller the signal receiver section is interfaced with the micro controlled, if any interrupt is generated the micro controller gets high output and this micro controller activates the relays and these relays energies the alarm circuitry.

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This system implements cassette player mechanism and the recorded information is transmitted as a modulated wave by frequency modulated transformer, and condenser MIC used in this project is an highly sensitive device it can sense very low signals accurately. And in the output section we provided a seven segment digital display, the receiving module is fixed at the security station with an audio amplifier.

Modern Security System Advantages:

A sample module is presented and an experimental survey is conducted, we implanted this device practically. Coming to its advantages this system is far better than the conventional security devices it highly reliable, efficient, low power consumption device. By interfacing GSM modem in future we can receive security SMS alerts to our phones.

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