GSM Based Home Security System Project ECE Idea

Project Title:

GSM Based Home Security System Project

Introduction to GSM Based Home Security System Project:

When we talk about the security the one thing come in mind that whether our home is secure or not. It is must to secure our home first then look at other things. Our home has always important documents, money and other precious things, that need to be protected from the intruders or thieves.  We also need to protect the home from fire and gas leak as they can also destroy our home.  We can use security device at our home that will warn us from any harm by alarm or sending SMS to cell. We can use 8051 micro controller or 89s52.

GSM Based Home Security System Project Block Diagram:

GSM Based Home Security System Project ECE Idea

They are low power chips. They are high performance chips with 8 bit and they is flash memory for storing data.This flash memory allows them reprogram when required. Flash are made up of monolithic chips as they are highly flexible and loss cost. They consist of 32 I/O lines, timers, pointers, oscillators, and clocks etc.

For this microprocessor we use the software called Kiel u- version. This provides tools for the development of the software of the 8051. With the help of this we can generate embedded applications. They use the protocol command named as AT command. They receive the message comes from the phone, then decode the SMS, authenticate the number. Then use their ports to control the specific appliances and after the operation send the feedback to the users for the confirmation.AT command sets are used for the GSM service to connect the device with the mobile phones.

Functions: they have internal RAM and ROM.  Input output ports for programming, timers and counters, 8 bit status words. They contain two 16 bit timers with 4 banks of registers. The RAM used has the memory of 128 bytes. 80 bits are assigned for the general purpose of data memory.

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