ECE Final Year Project Report for Intelligent Network Intrusion Detection System Project

Introduction to Intelligent Network Intrusion Detection System Project:

In today’s generation Internet has become the most efficient and largely used service for the help of the users. People use internet to search and get their valuable data but the internet is the most visiting lace for the internet attackers this attackers and hackers keeping searching for the opportunity to make some actions and put the loyal people in danger.  This existing system is the device which scans the internet and quickly alerts the user or the system network if any crime or any attack is detected by the attackers. This saves the system from getting hacked by the attackers.

To test this system there are various applications like the Black Box testing and the White Box testing. Black box testing operated the demo software and checks whether the inputs are accepted or not. White box testing checks the source code and the other important information related to the development of the system

The system concluded that after the detection of the criminal networks which is done by following the Native Bayes algorithm the complete system helps in detecting the criminal attacks by using a large technique which the previous system was not capable of doing it successfully. This existing system allots very accuracy to the output results; it also provides regular update to the users, this system can detect the sever attacks in less duration of time and less efficiency too.

This system ha s a limitation is that it works only on the IPv4 networks only and in coming future the developers are readily generating the system which can work even on the IPv6 networks too.  This system will have its complete interdependent nodes though it has some or little limitations also.  It is based on the active platforms and always low down the negative responses from the system executions. 

 Download  ECE Final Year Project Report for Intelligent Network Intrusion Detection System Project .

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