Wireless ATM Seminar Topic

Wireless-ATM-Seminar-Topic.Wireless ATM seminar topic explains about introduction to wireless technology, Asynchronous transfer mode packet information, wireless ATM, ATM architecture and switching networks. Wireless technology is a IEEE 802.11a standard, it works on radio frequency , infrared spread spectrum and microwave radio frequency its range is differs from county to county in US spectrum range is 900 mhz and in Europe it is in GHZ.

Wireless technology uses two modulation techniques, Code division multiplexing (CDMA) and time division multiplexing (TDMA) for transmitting constructed packet. In ATM network packet is constructed in 53 bytes which include logical bits and data, 48 bytes are dedicated to data and remaining 5 bytes are used for identification, control priority, and packet routing.


ATM connections are of two types.

PVC(permanent virtual connections)

In pvc connection is established with the help of external mechanism in this network management is part of it.

Switched Virtual connection(SVC).

In this connection mechanism signaling protocol is used for automatic connectivity, there is no manual or external mechanism used in this connection.

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