Seminar On 4G Wireless Technologies

Seminar-on-4G-wireless-technology.4G wireless technology seminar topic explains about history of 4G technology, features of 4G technology, technology used in 4G and its operational features along with hardware requirements.

At present 3G is widely used technology in mobiles phones all over the world.  4G technology is still in developing stage, there is lot of research going on this technology. When comparing with 3G data transmission rates are faster. This seminar topic will outline basic functionality and its applications in real time.

3G and 4G technology differs in speed of data transfer, 4G works as a high speed wireless technology for providing broadband speed to mobile devices. 4G data transfer rate is 100Mbps in roaming and 1Gbps while mobile devices are in stationary position. This technology functions with the help of VOIP, IPV6 and Orthogonal Frequency multiplexing. This technical seminar topic will explain in detail about IPV6 importance and OFDM.

download Seminar on 4G wireless technology, paper presentation.

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