Difference Between 3G and WI – FI PPT Presentation for CSE Students

Introduction to Difference Between 3G and WI – FI PPT Presentation:

This document helps us to learn the most widely used technologies for internet access known as 3G and WI – FI. In this document we will got through following topics about his technologies in detail study about them, their working, their difference, their similarities, and their advantages and disadvantages. 


                                As we all know WI – Fi is the wireless technology mostly used by mobile users to stay connected to the outer world through internet. It is mostly used by for office use, or at home. It uses IEEE standard. IEEE 802.11 is commonly known as wireless fidelity. Advantages of this technology are since its wireless it reduces the cost for cable connections.

It is easily available in market. A person using WI – FI on laptop can move from one place to another or we can say from one access point to another with ease. It uses global set of standards so that the user using it can carry the same WI – Fi from one place to another. Disadvantages are the power consumption is more for the devices using this technology. The use of Wi – Fi can be interrupted by using some other device like cordless phone.


                                As the name suggest 3G is the third generation technology. In early years it was also known as ITU IMT – 2000 it was started in 1980’s. The main objective behind the establishment of 3G was to develop a technology which will provide a worldwide standard and a faster data access. It uses three different technologies WCDM (in Europe), CDMA2000 (North America), TD – SCDMA (in china).

GSM uses 200 KHz of bandwidth and provide a speed of 9.6kbps. GPRS uses 200 kHz of bandwidth and 40 Kbps of data speed. 3G works on three basic things spread spectrum, direct sequence, and frequency hopping. It uses W – CDMA which increases data transmission rate in GSM. Advantages of 3G are it is spread over larger area so easy to access. It is cheaper. Disadvantages are cost of upgrading bas station is higher, power required for the device is higher, roaming has not been yet demonstrated.

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