Multi Purpose Code Generation Using Fingerprint Images

Introduction to Multi Purpose Code Generation Using Fingerprint Images Seminar Topic:

This paper is discussed about multi-purpose security code which developed based on fingerprint images and which will helpful to remove security issues for many applications. 

The Proposed System: 

Fingerprint is one of the unique personal identification feature. In the proposed system, fingerprints are useful to generate unique code. The fingerprint image undergoes the processes like lightening, smoothing, edge detection and binarization, thinning and then an initial code is generated. Later final secure code will be generated. In the proposed system, processes like image preparation, feature extraction and hashing involves in generating the final secure code.

Image Preparations: 

Treatments involved in Image Preparations are image enhancement and thinning. 

Image Enhancement: The image enhancement phase consists of lightening, smoothing, edge detection and binarization processes. Pre-processing enhancement consists of both lightening and smoothing. Post-processing enhancement consists of edge detection and binerization.

Image Thinning: Optimized Parallel Thinning process for the fingerprint will takes place based on the algorithm after image enhancement operations (OPTA). 

Feature Extraction:

For the extraction of the minutia features, the thinned fingerprint image will get scanned and the results are stored in a secured database for easy identification. There are five characteristics of minutia points and those are Type, Orientation, Spatial frequency, Curvature and position. Based on these five characteristic, a initial secured code will get generated and stored in the database. 

Hashing and Security of the Code:

Then a hash function, MD5 is applied to initial code and then generates a final secured code. 


 This paper has a brief note on how to find a secured code using fingerprints. The generated secured code is useful for many applications where there is issues related to security. Research are still being carrying out on all the above discussed processes in order to generate effective security code.

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