Cryptography in Smart Cards ECE CSE Seminar

Description: Cryptography is the science of encryption. It is science of securing the information and data from third party access. We know that we live in global world where e-transactions are in vogue. In a given situation like this securing the data and safeguarding it in order not to mess up with transactions and savor losses becomes so very important. The research paper discusses data encryption standard that provides an utmost secure environment for flow of information.

The research paper Cryptography in Smart Cards ECE CSE Seminar also talks about quantum key distribution that provides complete and secure encryption of data passing through private channels.

The paper talks about smart cards like ATM cards, health cards and many more that have facilitated e-transactions. These cards play a major role in passing through the public key infrastructure. These cards have memory and cryptographic coprocessors. A smart card helps in money transaction and non-money transactions like securing some important information and data.

A smart card is a card of a bank card’s size with an inbuilt integrated circuit. The smart card is an effective means of encrypting data via authentication and signature recognition.

The main structure of Smart card is based on three components:

  1. Master File
  2. Dedicated File
  3. Elementary File

Quantum cryptography is the breakthrough in the arena of cryptography wherein information is transmitted in the form of light. To construct Quantum cryptography one needs a polarizing filter to generate photons. There’s also a need to receive by means of a filter to measure the polarization. Quantum transmissions can pass through several kilometers of optical fiber.

Conclusion: New technology, breakthroughs will emerge owing to smartcards. The research paper promises evolution of more standardized and sophisticated techniques. Quantum cryptography has many effective promises to make for the future.

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