Cryptography & Information Security CSE Seminar


The Cryptography & Information Security has become the major issue face by professionals of the computer around the globe. They require security and they are afraid of hackers. Hacking is a perpetual responsibility for all the computer users in computer technology, as an expert or as a novice. Hackers and Hacking are concepts to have negative impact on people.

Hackers are known to be criminals of computers who harm the systems or release viruses into the system etc. The computer criminals are called Hackers which is outrageously and horribly referred by media and people. But the fact in reality is that Hackers are extremely intelligent, good, and pleasant people by applying their mind in a constructive method to protect secrets documents of company, national documents etc.

Security crack could be from the network (inside or outside) internally or externally. The outside threats are caused by e-mails or internet gateway. The inside threats are caused by disgruntled hacker or imposter access to a system. The imposter can be either malicious code such as a worm or Trojan infecting the system or the human being.

During the implementation of network security, there are four aspects considered are firewalls, patch management, anti virus/anti-spam, and intrusion-detection system (ids).


There is a big difference between a Cracker and a Hacker. A cracker breaks into the computer systems and does illegal things. It is punishable act by cyber crime and considered as serious offense. Nowadays most computers are operated by windows OS and Unix OS which is said to be most secured OS.

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