Auto SMS Android Application

Project Name: Auto SMS Android Application

Project Description: Android-based Auto SMS application allows the user to send SMS at deferred date and time.

Tools: Eclipse, Microsoft Office Visio for Diagram. Microsoft Office Word for Documentation.

Development Platform: Android Development Tool

Development Model: OOSD Model

Operating System: Windows 7

Tools and Technology 

  • Tools: Front-End: Eclipse Helios 2.
  • Technology: Android 2.3.3


Project Definition:

Android-based Auto SMS application allows the user to send SMS at deferred date and time. After the SMS has been delivered, it will provide the sender with the delivery report along with the location of the receiver.The sender also gets the delivery report and sound. This application works only with internet. The user has an internet connection in the android phone.

Auto SMS Android Project

Preliminary Investigation:

We know that in several mobile devices which are providing a facility for only alarm but not any other facility like sending SMS, email etc so we got an idea for creating this application which is useful for sending a message to wish and remind to others by messaging.

Selecting the project development Strategy:

The software development process also can be divided into smaller, interacting subprocess.

Generally, the software development process can be viewed as a series of transformations, where the output of one transformation becomes the input of the subsequent transformation.

Develop a Work Plan: 

System Analysis 

Requirement Determination


  • The first user has to add the contact number.
  • Then select date and time and write Message.
  • Then click on send.


When time is come which is set by user the application will automatically start and inform to user for event. 

Feasibility Study:

Technical Feasibility:

  • The project is developed on i5 processor with 4 GB RAM.
  • The language used in development is Eclipse Helios 2 and windows environment.

Economics Feasibility:

  • In this application internet is required in android mobile device. 

Requirement Specification:

Hardware Requirements: System configuration: Windows OS 2GB RAM, 20 GB Hard Disk.

System Design

  • System design is the process of planning of new systems or one to replace an existing system.
  • During this stage the analyst works with the user to develop a physical model of the system flow chart.
  • The modeling process and its outcome depend upon the system to a certain extent and whether or not object oriented design is followed.
  • The detailed step followed in arriving at the model is known as the methodology.
  • There are several methodologies available.
  • But currently the most popular methodology is known as the unified process.
  • The result of these is a model for the system typically contained in several diagrams.
  • If unified process is followed the diagrams that result might be UML diagrams.
Activity Diagram:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

User Interface Design:

Screen Snapshots:

Main Menu: Main menu available in android phone and icon of the AutoSMS application

Write SMS and set date & time: Post Time

The main screen of application: Main screen of application which allows the user to write a message, add contact number, set date and time

Insert Contact Number: When system time and set date and time matches then it will first insert contact number from the database.

Insert into Event: When the user clicks on save button it will add contact number, message, date and time in the database.

Sending SMS: When both system date and time and user-specified date and time match it will send SMS automatically.

Download Auto SMS Android Application Source Code.

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  1. hello Fri. your Auto SMS android Application project is an error.
    I have open source code on Android Studio to error fund on file.
    error is
    getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);

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