Bluetooth File Transfer Android Application

Project Profile 

  • Project Bluetooth File Transfer is intended to provide access to the user’s Android device’s directory structure and will allow user to send (transfer) selected files over Bluetooth to another device.
  • Application developed in this project will provide some basic features like listing of files and directories and allowing cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, search, sort features.
  • Application will provide user to select multiple files and folders from the listed and transfer selected files over Bluetooth after enabling Bluetooth and connecting with other devices.
  • Application will also provide features of enabling and disabling of Bluetooth and searching Bluetooth devices in the range and connecting them.
  • Application will also provide user to send a text message that contains description of the file user wants to receive over Bluetooth.
  • After sending text message the remote device sends the file and local device internally accepts that file.

Bluetooth File Transfer Screen

Tools and Technologies Used 

  1. Technology :- Android 2.3.3 (API Level-10)
  1. Tools :- Eclipse Juno

Eclipse has been used as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create, build and run Android Project.

  • Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge tool has been used to connect with the android virtual device and perform terminal based operations.

  • LogcatLogcat has been used as tool to track activities happening onto the device (emulator) and track error and handle exceptions thrown by the application during development phase.
  1. Planning

Project Definition:-

“Bluetooth File Transfer” is an android application that provides exploration of directory structure of local device and allows basic file operations like cut, copy, paste, rename, search, sort and delete features. It also allows sending of selected files over Bluetooth and creating a text file and sending over Bluetooth.

Preliminary Investigation:-

Communication means sharing of information. Communication plays a vital role in any area to get success. Communication can be done using various mediums and in this application I have used Bluetooth as a medium to share information over two devices.

This application allows sending and receiving of files over connected Bluetooth devices. Main purpose of the application is to send multiple files at a time and user defined message that is a small description of file to be received as file and receiving described file over Bluetooth.

Selecting the project development Strategy:-

Object Oriented System development.

Develop Work Plan:- 

  1. System Analysis 

Requirement Determination :- 

Feasibility Study:- 

  • Technical:-

­        The mobile application will be developed in Android so, it requires the mobile device to be supported .apk file

­        The communication between two devices mobile device will be using Bluetooth so, both devices should be Bluetooth enabled.

  • Operational:-

­       The user should have knowledge of operating or using computer as well as android mobile because the application is to be developed for both environments.

­       The applications support only English language so the user should know English language.

  • Economical:- To use the application, user must have android mobile device with enabled Bluetooth. So user should be able to afford that device.

Requirement Specification :- 

  • Purpose:-

­        Application is developed to provide an interface that allows user to explore directory structure of the device and provide basic operational features on file and folders and transfer files over Bluetooth.

  • Overview:-

­        Application allows user to view directory structure of device and perform basic file/folder operations.

­        Application allows sending files over Bluetooth that are selected.

­        Application allows creating and sending a text message describing the file to be received over Bluetooth.

  • Environmental Characteristics:-

­        Hardware:-

Bluetooth enabled Android device.

­         People:-

One user for local device and another for remote device.

  • Goals Of Implementation:-

­        Application is implemented with the goal to allow user to transfer files over Bluetooth.

­        Another goal of application is to get a text message from user describing the file that user wants to receive and send that message a text file to intended remote device and receive sent file.

Bluetooth adapter


package com.bt_file_transfer;


import java.util.ArrayList;


import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter;

import android.content.Context;

import android.widget.ArrayAdapter;

import android.view.LayoutInflater;

import android.view.View;

import android.view.ViewGroup;

import android.widget.Button;

import android.widget.ImageView;

import android.widget.TextView;


public class bluetoothadapteractivity extends ArrayAdapter<String> {


private Context context;

private ArrayList<String> value;

BluetoothAdapter mbluetoothadapter;

Button btnmenu;

TextView tv;

ImageView iv;


public bluetoothadapteractivity(Context context, ArrayList<String> value) {

super(context, R.layout.bluetoothinflatorlayout, value);

this.context = context;

this.value = value;




public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

// TODO Auto-generated method stub

LayoutInflater inflater = (LayoutInflater) context


View rowview = inflater.inflate(R.layout.bluetoothinflatorlayout,

parent, false);

tv = (TextView) rowview.findViewById(;

iv = (ImageView) rowview.findViewById(;


if (position > 5) {


} else if (position == 0)




return rowview;




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