Scheduling SMS Android Application

Scheduled SMS is an android application concept which enables users to delay their SMS by specifying a
Specific time and date along with the receivers contact number.

About Scheduling SMS Application:

This android app automatically sends the SMS on the time specified by the user to the selected contacts and adds a pre-defined message which will be sent when the specified time is reached.

Additionally, the user is provided with the ability to edit date, time and message content after scheduling according to the user’s need.

Test Cases: 

Event Id: 1

  • While clicking on add event button it will show a menu

Event Id: 2

  • While clicking on add button it will show contact list

Event Id:3

  • Add date and time which user want to send it.

Event Id:4

  • Write Message.

Event Id:5

  • While clicking on send button it automatically sends message.

Test Data and Results: 

Event Id Description Input Expected Output Actual Output Status
1 Add button Single click Main menu open Main menu open pass
2 Contact add Single click OpenContactList OpenContactList Pass
3 Add date Single click Date add Date add Pass
4 Add time Single click Time add Time add Pass
5 Write Message Single click Write Message Write Message pass
6 Send Button Single click Notify to user for Add Notify to user for Add Pass

 User Manual:

  • First we have to select the application logo.
  •  It will open the application.

Add button

  • There are two buttons where “Add” is used to add date and time and Message
  • While we selecting on “Add” button there is another page will open which contain add button which is used to add contact from contact list or write contact number.

Set Date and Time

  • first we select in date and then time at which you want to send a message.

      Write Message

  • Write the particular Message

      Click on send

  • It will automatically send a message at deferred date and time.

Future Enhancement:

Facebook updation :

  • Here in this application user can send multiple messge and send mail to a particular person.
  • While in future user can wrote in wall of person’s account.

Multiple Mail sending:

  • Here in this application is able to send a mail to only one person whose birthday or other event.
  • While user can send mail to multiple person at a time.

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