Profile Changer through SMS Android Application


 The main objective of this Profile Changer through SMS Android Application is to help finding a missed mobile through a single SMS.

A profile changer is an android application which is useful for security purpose without any user interaction. This application is used when you don’t find your mobile i.e., when it is kept in a silent profile mode, it can be automatically activated to the general mode through a message.

About Project:

This is a project mainly responsible for changing the profile such as silent, vibrate, flight, meeting into general mode through an SMS.  Using this project any people who have missed or unable to find their mobile can easily access their mobile phone by sending an SMS from any other mobile. When an SMS is sent to the missed mobile the profile which is in silent mode automatically gets activated into general mode. This can be done when the application is installed in the mobile phone. This type of application is very much useful as security purpose.

Activity diagram for profile changer through SMS

Existing System with Drawbacks 

  1. This is not compatible in mobile screen.
  2. Not easy to change the profiles.
  3. Profile changing can be done through blacklists but there is no profile changer through SMS application till now.

Proposed System with Advantages 

   The proposed system contains how the mobile phone has to be accessed through an SMS. It is a mobile app so it is compatible in every mobile. This android based app helps in accessing a missing mobile. The mobile becomes accessible thus secured.

Future scope 

   A lock screen of a mobile phone can be opened as well as pictures can be taken using a camera through SMS.


1. User Module

2. Receiver Module

  1. User Module: In this module the user sends a message from another phone to activate the profile silent mode into general mode.
  2. Receiver Module: In this module the receiver or the application reads the message, splits it, retrieves the key, validates the key and finally changes the profile.

We have concluded that using this application, we can change profiles of mobile phones just through sending an SMS. It is helpful for people who use mobile phones. When he/she frequently happens to have a problem in finding the mobile which is kept in silent mode can install this application and then the phone can be easily accessed by sending an SMS from another mobile phone. This app finally helps in security purpose.

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