A Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Protocol for Co-Operative Collision Warning

This A Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Protocol for Co-Operative Collision Warning proposes a vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol for collision warning. Emerging wireless technologies for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications promises to reduce the various fatal roadway accidents by giving warnings.

This technology demonstrates that protocol achieves low latency emergency warnings in road scenarios. Zigbee technology is a wireless data communication provided between two vehicles designed around low-power batteries for lasting forever. The measurement of distance is provided by Ultrasonic sensors that transmit and receive ultrasonic signals.

Vehicles are designed to have a smooth means of transportation based on the principles of reliability and safety however, because of reasons like human-error, circumstantial error and negligence accidents happen and many attention is taken by the technologies to reduce traffic accidents. V2V technologies are very simple to implement due to wireless communication.

Zigbee communicates the information between two vehicles and distance measurement between these vehicles is made by Ultrasonic sensor. The microcontroller controls the complete process that sends a signal to buzzer and zigbee after the distance range is obtained. The main aim of this project is to alert the driver as he a vehicle comes to his front.

ZigBee is the high level communication protocols that uses small and low-power digital radios based on the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPANs) like wireless headphones. It is suitable for low data rate and low power consumption like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Ultrasonic Sensor is also called transducers that send and receive the signal and works on the principle of radar or Sonar. It evaluates attributes of a target by interpreting the echoes from sound waves or radio. They generate high frequency sound waves received by the sensor and sensors calculate the time interval between sending and receiving the signal to evaluate the object distance.


The major technical challenge in this project is to get low-latency to deliver emergency warnings in road accidents. The application requirement is to design an effective protocol consisting of congestion control policies, service differentiation mechanisms and methods for emergency warning dissemination.

Download A Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Protocol for Co-Operative Collision Warning Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report

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