Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined With Mobile RFID System Project

The main aim of this Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined with Mobile RFID System project is to get vehicle information using Radio frequency identification tag. This ECE project mainly use the equipments of microcontroller of type LPC2148, it is a 64-pin device, RF ID reader is used to drive the vehicle, when the tag is shown to the vehicles microcontroller then access the tag and the information regarding which person is using the vehicle is directly send to the owner by using the GSM technology. In this GSM technology GSM modem is used this modem contains the SIM and the RF ID tag contains the memory, tag consists battery because tag has to send the microwaves to the microcontroller to access. So we need a battery in the tag, there are several types of the batteries, one is chargeable and other is rechargeable batteries and also here using the regulator, filters, rectifier.

The software used in this project are KEIL IDE, embedded C Programming Language, the tag internally it has some memory where one identification is present then that information is sent to the owner by using GSM modem. This project mainly used when the owners having more vehicles so to access the data regarding vehicles which rout the vehicle is going and drivers information, and in this project we can use the accident switches in the front and back side. These switches are connected to the microcontroller. Whenever accident occurs the switches are pressed and the GSM modem send the information to the owner but this project not give the information regarding the vehicle position.

Download Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined With Mobile RFID System Project Abstract, Block Diagram, Full report and documentation.

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